Monday, June 20, 2011

Hot as heck out there!

Well - another month gone by. Summer seems to go pretty quickly these days. Before you know it - the kids will be back in school.

We are enjoying our summer. Rachel has finished her Camp Harpeth (church camp at her old preschool) and also her Horse Riding Camp. So now we have to rest of the summer with nothing to do. I am going to take her to the $1 movie tomorrow at Green Hills Cinema. Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 am - you can see a movie for $1. You don't get to choose but they are kids movies and they are always fun.

We also celebrated Rachel's 6th birthday. 11 girls at our house for three hours. It went pretty good. I think next year it will be a family birthday or have it somewhere where they take care of everything.

Justin also got a car and is loving life right now. I'm happy for him.

I also wanted you to see the commission I finished for a client recently. I love it and they seem to be very happy too. See the picture attached.

I'm trying right now to venture out and get my work in galleries in different cities. Atlanta, Birmingham, etc. Wish me luck.

Ciao for now. Be back soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting Ready for Summer

I'm all excited for school to be out. I plan on painting a lot and also having fun with Rachel.

The Art reception went wonderfully. I had a great response and got to have all my friends and colleagues with me for a night. A couple notables came out which is good for me hopefully in the future. If anything, my work got out in front of a lot more people. Yay!

Although most people like my style with the dripping black acrylic paint, they were surprised I didn't have that as the featured pieces in the show. They really liked the new work. I had a friend of mine say that he thought this work was really pushing it out there and that made me happy. I don't want to get stuck in a rut doing the same style all the time. I want to grow and experiment. Here is one I did the other day. I've got it in my living room b/c I really dig it. I may leave it there and just do another.

Have fun today!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Work for April Show!

Hey everyone - just letting you get a glimpse of the new work that I'll have at the Gallery 202 Show on April 22. This work takes a little detour from my original work. They are crazy fun to create. I never know what the end result will be. Hell - these may not even be done. Not sure yet.

Have a great week and I hope I see each of you at the show!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here's the Invite! That's so neat!

Hey Everyone

I am so excited to be represented by this gallery. They have welcomed me with opens arms and now I get to show my NEW WORK on Friday, April 22 from 6-9 pm.

Come out to the historic Clouston House in Downtown Franklin and see me along with sculptor, Nelson Grice and jewelry designer, Francesca Lynn. Also check out the other nationally-known artists exhibiting in Gallery 202. Enjoy the outside garden and fountain while taking in the historic charm of Downtown Franklin. It should be a great night!

I would love to see all of you!
Dana Kahan

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Artist Reception For ME!


I know, it's about damn time I did another blog. Like I said before I really am not a good writer and so that keeps me away from here. I just read my friend, Joanne Vance's blog and she always fire's me up.

It's been a busy few months. Besides having strep throat forever and then getting a little sickness that Rachel had - I've been ok. Oh - I almost forgot…my back went out for three weeks. That was so much fun let me tell you. I'm healthy now. I don't know about in the head but the body for the most part is healthy. I'm trying to lose a few pounds so I don't scare people too bad on the beach. Yes - we're taking the kids to Destin for Spring Break. Should be fun. I'm going to take a few paintings down and go to some galleries and plead with them to take my work. The sad eyes usually work.

On the home front - Gallery 202 is having an artist reception for me on Friday, April 22nd. We're trying to decide if it being on Good Friday means anything bad, like no one will show up. People have the day off so I would think it would be good for a reception. Don't know. Write in and tell me what you think.

There will be a sculptor and a jewelry designer there too. Don't know there names yet but will let you know. The biggest news is that is about me. ME ME ME. I will send out invites closer to the date.

Finished up a large commission (4' x 8.5') so I thought I would share. It's the large picture showing. I also finished the Brentwood Fine Art Show as well as the Webb School Show in Knoxville. Both were great shows and sold well. I am really loving this new life as a artist. It feels good.

I will also be participating in Art Fusion this year. It is held at the Factory and is the weekend of June 4th. I hope it is a good show. Just had lunch with my friend and fellow artist, Doug Regen and he is going to help me figure out a way to showcase my art at this show. It's a blank space and so it is up to me to build the stands and what not to hold the art. With Doug's creative ability - it should be cool.

Well - I will sign off. Hopefully I will chat with you sooner than later. I hope to blog every week. Yeah, right. Cheers and enjoy the Spring.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brentwood Fine Art Show

Hey Everyone

Just a quick note to show you some new work and also let you know the Brentwood Fine Art Show is this weekend at Brentwood Academy. Great Artwork.

Also - my work is up now in Gallery 202 in Downtown Franklin. This gallery is gorgeous! Come by for the holidays. There will be a Art Reception there on Dec.10th for three of the artists. Barbara Coon, Nick Long and Teva Chaffin. I think I may be showing sometime in the Spring. Not sure. Here a photo of my work up in the Gallery.

Hope to see you over the Holidays! Cheers!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good Times!

Hey Everybody I'm sitting here wondering again what the heck I'm going to write about. A few things have happened since the last time we spoke. I did a show in Memphis that went really well. Sold 3 paintings. That's always a plus. But the biggest plus was that I got to hang with my brother for a little bit and then Sunday my mom, my niece and I went and had a spectacular brunch at Owen Brennan's. Delicious! PLUS - one of my moms closest friends while I was growing up was there. Her name is Ginger just like my niece's. We sat and talked for a long time and it was great. She is still the same. We both hadn't seen her since my mom's wedding 18 years ago. Time flies.

Justin's football team ended their season last Friday night in the second round playoffs. I won't mention the score. In Justin's words, "we got owned." Enough said. While I love football season with Justin - I am glad it is over. I will miss seeing my friends, Mary, Jennifer, Lance and John as much as we do in the Fall.

A little good news. No great news. I am now represented by Gallery 202 in Franklin, Tennessee. It is a wonderful gallery and I think my work will do well there. Please stop by and visit. Not sure of the exact date my art will hang but I will let you adoring fans know.

I will be doing the Brentwood Art Show Dec 3-5 so I hope to see your beautiful faces. The art is always great there.

Last but not least. I will be unveiling a new website soon. While I love my other one - I needed one that I could update as needed and I didn't want to burden my friend Katherine with all the changes. I want to keep her as a friend. It will be the same domain name and will go live in a few days.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall is here!

Happy Fall everyone. I'm loving the weather. I've already built three fires. Along with Fall come colds and Rachel has a doozie. She is on her third day home from school. I don't think she minds being home. Don't know if I like that.

I finished the Retune Nashville pice and it turned out pretty cool. When I took it down to Soundcheck to turn it in I got to see some of the other work and I have to tell you - it was fabulous. Even if you don't bid on a piece - you have to go to the auction and check out these pieces. There was a piece of sculpture that was made out of the round wooden part of the drums. I just went blank on what they are called.

I also finished up at the Christ the King Art Sale. It went great. I sold three big pieces. It was a great show and I enjoyed being there for three days. Now I am going to Memphis in the beginning of November to a show at St. George School. I'm hoping to see some old friends from my Memphis days. I love that town and really miss the people there. Brentwood Fine Art show will be in December. I like that show. A lot of people come through at that one.

Last day to see my work at Retropolitan in Hillsboro Village. It's coming down tomorrow. Thanks to Amy and Chris at Retropolitan for making the show look fantastic. The Hillsboro Art Walk is a great little gig to see on the first thursday of each month. It's all in a small area so you can see all the art in a short amount of time and then go catch dinner or drinks too. Try it out next month.

Redo and Spruce have a lot of great looking stuff to buy for Christmas and the holidays. Make sure you stop by. Spruce is having a special Christmas Open House on November 6th. And they are also offering a rewards program. Visit them at

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Drip Drip Drip Space

Rachel is in school full-time now and I'm trying to crank out some work. I don't know why I can't seem to get in a groove yet. Maybe it's because I decide to do my errands first thing instead of just coming in the studio and painting. Get to work Dana!

I'm finishing up the piece I'm doing for Retune Nashville. I like the way it is coming out. My husband helped me with the guitar hanger and it is pretty kick ass if you ask me. Hopefully the person bidding on it will think so too. This art will all be auctioned off to raise money for uninsured musicians from the flood. Go to to find out more. You can purchase tickets for the party which will have music and drink and the auction. Should be a blast. The photo is a snapshot of where I am right now. I'm not exactly sure I'm going to incorporate the black paint. I do know I will be painting the strings on the guitar. I'm awful with straight lines.

That's all I got so far. Hope everyone is staying healthy.
These allergies are killing me.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Drowned in Columbia BUT made a splash in Nashville!

Cool title, huh? Well let me start by saying I enjoyed my trip to Columbia, TN and the people were very nice, BUT I didn't sell a thing down there. Those weren't my peeps. They were more into traditional art. I had a bunch of "Ooh I like this" and This is so interesting" but no money. The group of folks that put on the art show did a great job. I truly enjoyed myself hanging with my art friends.

Saturday I had to haul booty to make a show in Nashville. I packed up a little early in Columbia and went by the house to change clothes. I hated what I was wearing. Don't you hate that? Anyway - put on my maxi artsy dress and went to The Cumberland high rise condominium. Sotheby's Lipman Realty Group and Urban Abode were having an art crawl in conjunction with the Downtown Art Crawl. They have four primo properties for sale. In each one - they had live music and a featured artist. I was in Penthouse #2308 in the Cumberland. It was great b/c I had a lot of paintings in there and got tons of "Oohs and Aahs" from over 200 people that walked through the penthouse. Hopefully I will get some phone calls for commissions.

My girlfriends Tracy Thomas, Kim Hunter and Rosie Gilotti came to see me. My friend Bruce Arnston tried to come but said they couldn't find me. I bet he was down on the lobby. Thank you friends for coming to support me. After that was over there was an invite-only party at the Terrazzo in 5 different penthouses. Live music and a Silent Auction. I donated a painting and Rosie, Kim, my hubby and I walked around and mingled with the rich folk. Tracy went to Roller Derby. Sounds fun. I also saw a dear friend of mine that we used to hang with a lot in Granite Falls days. I was lucky enough to have him design and make my wedding dress 8 years ago. Yes - it is Manuel. I'm dropping his name. I have no shame. Anyway - it was a great night. It definitely cheered me up from my no sale in Columbia.

Dropped off my new work at the stores by tuesday and have already had some sales. Yeah!!!! This past weekend my wonderful mom treated me to shopping in Atlanta where we shopped at IKEA for 6 hours straight. It was heaven. We left Friday and got there in time for a wonderful dinner at Lobster's Chop House and then sleep and then saturday - IKEA. Saturday night we had dinner at Julio's and then wine on the terrace of our hotel. We just talked for hours. We had a great mother/daughter night. Sunday - lunch at Murphy's in Virginia Highlands along with some shopping. Got home to hug my family by 5:00. Doug and Rachel were waiting on the front porch for me. I brought everyone something back but apparently the wrong thing for Rachel b/c I had to go to Build-a-Bear today and get a TOY. NOTE: Don't bring organizational things home for your 5 years old. She was sweet but I could tell she just wanted a toy. I don't blame her. Glad to be home.